Strobel & Sands
Impossible Fiction: Ryna Frankel and Sean Pearson
September 24-November 4
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 24 from 2-5pm

Strobel & Sands is pleased to present the gallery’s third exhibition, Impossible Fiction, featuring the drawings of Sean Pearson in dialogue with the sculptural works of Ryna Frankel. Impossible Fiction explores the concept of art as a conduit for exploration and storytelling. Through two different yet relational mediums, the artists are able to open investigations into possible narratives, and then ask the viewer to engage with and complete the works.

Ryna Frankel uses color as a foil in her work’s delightfully playful darkness. Combining organic formalism with a mastery of composition, her sculptures emit an inherent sense of cognizance. Her use of twinning or mirroring, echoes the idea of parallel realities that explore varying degrees of perceived perception.

Sean Pearson’s drawings use text and figuration to impart an idea of static action. With an illustrative style, Pearson’s carefully executed works have a rigor that belies an anxious chaos, like an interrupted dream that is impossible to remember.

The duality of the two bodies of work convey a compelling rapport through stylistic differences, mediums, and use of color. While Pearson’s drawings represent a moment captured in time and Frankel’s animated sculptures transmute into one’s individual interpretation, both artists play with the notion of narrative, but keep the viewer at a distance from any prescribed ending.