Strobel and Sands is pleased to present Ordinary Extraordinary, an exhibition of artworks by Trevor Goosen and Philippe Hyojung Kim. Ordinary Extraordinary examines the roles of intention and interpretation in the creation and formal engagement with visual art. In opposition to the ordinary way we interact with everyday objects in our lives, the way we interact with the art object, in both making and consuming, demonstrates our ability to infuse meaning into inanimate objects, allowing for a deeper connection to the world around us.

The artworks in Ordinary Extraordinary started their lives as functional items: Philippe has taken Baroque-inspired picture frames and used them to mold the resulting vibrantly colored silicone casts, while Trevor has taken off-the-shelf items from home improvement stores to create sculptures recalling industrial design. From store-bought goods, these objects now have the opportunity to communicate an idea as form.

The formal medium bridges the artist and the viewer. We can see the impression of everyday forms in both Philippe and Trevor’s works but the artistic approach these artists take elevates the ordinary. While these works may bring to mind the individualism of each artist, the viewer is also asked to carry their own interpretation to the art and exhibition, thus finding common and ground making this relationship so extraordinary.

Pictured above left: Philippe Hyojung Kim, Parergone Series, 2019, silicone rubber cast
Pictured above right: Trevor Goosen, Double Tint, 2019, stoneware and walnut