Strobel & Sands
Practice and Form: Lauren Fejarang and Ilana Zweschi
March 3-April 14, 2018
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 3, 5-8pm

 Strobel & Sands is pleased to present the gallery’s fourth exhibition, Practice and Form, featuring sculpture by Lauren Fejarang and drawings by Ilana Zweschi. Practice and Form examines repetitive action as a process in transformation. Through two distinctly different approaches to art both visually and conceptually, the artists examine the formal results of ritual.

Lauren Fejarang uses concrete, a medium often associated with everyday aspects of the built environment, and manipulates it to resemble a completely different material. This new form appears weightless and lithe, like paper that has been molded or crumpled into a ball. The provocation in Lauren’s sculptures is complex. While the act of wadding up a sheet of paper could imply frustration, a sense of trial and error can be ascribed to the process of creation. This conceptual crumpling, along with the decision to destroy and discard, calls to mind a forward act in an iterative process. 

The drawings in Practice and Form are from Ilana’s Unique Individuals and Anonymous Things series. In this series, Ilana recites 100,000 compassion mantras with the goal of attaining an intense bond with the meaning of the spoken words. With each mantra she records the act with a singular mark that together make up a visual recording of the ritual performed. This resulting series of drawings produces an external record of inner transformation. This transformation is intangible. There is no visual proof of change, and the process becomes the outcome.